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The 4 Must-Haves Law Firms Use to Grow Their Practice

LANSolutions Endsight



Join Clio, LANSolutions & Endsight for a cutting-edge demo on how firms use cloud-based solutions to free up billable hours with automation, increase profitability, and better serve clients. This webinar will show you what is possible and help you and your clients thrive.

Learn how firms: 

  • Automate processes that free up time for billable hours
  • Use cloud solutions to improve the client experience to increase referrals
  • Improve cash flow position
  • Modernize the firm’s intake process to improve the customer experience

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Adam Dennis


Adam Dennis - Presenter

Account Manager @ Clio

Adam is a Partner Account Manager here at Clio. His role includes supporting consultant partners, enabling partners and their law firm customers, and serving as the liaison between the greater Clio sales team and the partner community. Adam was previously a team lead on the Sales team and has years of experience working with Clio Customers.



Julie Homan - Host

Director of Sales @ LANSolutions

Our host has spent her entire career in IT. Working with legal specific clients is her specialty. She interfaces with all aspects of IT management to give strategic advice and set up scopes of work for ongoing flexible IT services, and cloud and hosted solutions. She helps organizations to better utilize technology for the improvement of business processes and business outcomes.