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Our library of cybersecurity and IT educational videos, crafted meticulously for learners at every level. This page is not just a resource but a gateway to securing the virtual domain and unraveling complex IT concepts. Let's coalesce to forge a future where our digital realms are safeguarded, and where your empowerment in cybersecurity knowledge becomes the linchpin of a secure, digital world.

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Security Tips for Traveling

Embark safely on every journey, from local destinations to international expeditions, and friendly to adversarial territories, with our cybersecurity-focused video.


Digital Safety Through Solid Password Strategies

Dive into the essentials of digital safety with our specialized video on creating secure passwords to safeguard your personal and organizational data from cyber threats.

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Ready to Ditch Your Spreadsheets?

Learn How Power BI Can Revolutionize Your Data Analysis!

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Unlock the Power of the Power Platform

In this webinar, we explore the key components of the Power Platform - Power Apps, Power Automate, and Power BI - and show you how they can help automate, integrate, and analyze your business.

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Maximizing Business Efficiency through Collaboration and Security

Many organizations are missing out on opportunities to streamline operations, reduce errors, and enhance data integrity due to incomplete utilization of these tools.

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Mastering Microsoft 365: Unlocking Security, Savings, and Compliance through Strategic Licensing

In today's dynamic digital environment, understanding and staying ahead of the evolving licensing landscape is more crucial than ever. With Microsoft continually updating its licensing, businesses find themselves in the labyrinth of choices, often unaware of the potential savings and enhanced security features each license offers.

Junk Emails

Email Security: Junk, Phishing, and Malicious Emails

Despite the efficiency of spam filters, it's common to find your inbox cluttered with unwanted emails. Some of these can be more than just a nuisance - they're potentially harmful. Watch our video to discover effective strategies for tidying up your inbox, keeping it secured, and eliminating those unwelcome emails for good!

Public Wi-fi

Staying Safe on Public Wi-Fi

Most of us have found ourselves relying on public Wi-Fi at some point. But do you know how to distinguish a secure connection from a risky one? Check out this quick video to learn how to spot safe Wi-Fi options and uncover the best practices for using public Wi-Fi networks safely and confidently!

Productivity Pro Tip Multi Workbook Magic-1

Excel Multi Workbook Magic

Tired of dealing with the 'Not Responding Window' in Excel? Check out this simple trick to prevent it! Manage multiple workbooks with ease.

Loop for Project Mgmt

Looping in Collaboration

Managing projects can be a challenge. However, learn how you can use Microsoft Loop to improve project management!

Keyboard Shortcuts

Windows Keyboard Shortcuts for Productivity

Check out six amazing keyboard shortcuts with Ctrl+Alt+Shift+Windows key.

Forms Feedback Fast Track

Forms Feedback Fast-Track

Use the power of Microsoft Forms and Excel to collect data with ease. You will also learn how to create a Form and the best way to distribute it.

MFA Video

A quick overview of MFA

These days having a strong password isn't enough. This is where multifactor authentication comes in (MFA). Check out this video to learn what MFA is and how it can keep you secured.

Prevent Information Overload with CoPilot

Climbing higher with Copilot

Use Copilot to prevent information overload and summarize key points. From trying to understand a complex report or your company's benefits, Copilot can help!

Microsoft Bookings-1

Boosting Time Management with Bookings

Scheduling meetings can seem like an entire project on it's own. Microsoft Bookings eliminates the complications of scheduling meetings. No more back-an- forth emails trying to find that perfect time slot!

Teams File Sharing

Sharing Files on Teams

Have you ever tried to share a file on teams, just to get that error message saying you already shared this file with someone? Learn more about this error message and how to work around it.

Microsoft Whiteboard

Teamwork Wonders with Whiteboard

Microsoft has a lot of amazing tools to promote teamwork and collaboration, however, have you heard of Whiteboard? Learn how to use this tool and when it can be beneficial.

Monthyl Webinar Recording

Monthly Cybersecurity Webinar

Want to learn more about cybersecurity, but can't make it to our live webinar? Fear not! We have the recording here.

Microsoft To-Do

Managing Task with To Do

Microsoft To Do is a simple, yet helpful tool to help you manage your task. This video goes over how to create a to do list with Microsoft and customize it to fit your needs.


VPN and Zero Trust, an overview

Get a quick overview of Zero Trust and VPNs. Learn what they are, plus when and how to use them. You might be able to reduce your insurance premiums while maximizing security!


Microsoft Planner Powerhouse

Micrsoft Planner is a teamwork tool to manage projects. However, when done right, Planner is about visualizing your team's path to success.


Diving into Designer

Designing can be a daunting task, but Microsoft Designer can make the process easier. Learn how you can use Designer to kick-start your design project. Rather if you need a simple flyer for a office event or an appealing design for social media, Designer may come in handy.

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Office Apps: Universal Keyboard Shortcuts

Keyboard shortcuts can save you time. Check out this video on helpful keyboard shortcuts that can be used within many Microsoft applications!

Word Keyboard Shortcuts

Wonderful Word Quick-Keys

Keyboard shortcuts can save you time. If you use word a lot, learn some valuable quick keys and increase your productivity!

SOC Graphic

What is a SOC?

In this video we will be going over what a SOC (security operations center) is. We will also go over the complexity of cybersecurity and why some IT professionals might not be the best person to handle your cybersecurity.

Phish Testing

Phish Testing

Phish testing is a great way to identify employees who are at risk at clicking a malicious link in a email. However, there are way more benefits by implementing phish testing.

Secyruty Shorts - Things that will never happen-2

Things that will never happen

In this video we will go over common ways hackers try to trick you. These are common emails and phone calls, however they're just an attempt at social engineering.

Cyber Insurance

Why do I need cyber-Insurance?

In this video we will be going over what is cyber-Insurance and why it is important.


Smishing, Vishing, and Phishing

Smishing, Vishing, and Phishing These are the 3 methods hackers will use to attempt to social engineer you to give out important information or steal from you. In this video we will go over all 3!

Save the Date! Special Inv - November 23 Office Hours (160 x 600 px) (300 x 250 px) (1)

Security Office Hours Recording: Conditional Access - Granular control of logins

In this essential webinar, explore the vital topic of Conditional Access in cybersecurity. Learn how to implement control over login processes, a critical aspect for securing digital assets in today's technology-driven world.

Multi CHannel

Multi-Channel Verification

Not to be confused with Multi Factor Verification (MFA), Multi-Channel Verification is a method to verify a request. This is important when making major changes or making a financial adjustment.

MFA Bypass

MFA Bypass

A hacker can break into an account, even if MFA is enabled. Check out this walkthrough on how a hacker can bypass MFA.

Webinar Recording MS 365 Attacks

Cybersecurity Office Hours Recording: Common Attacks and Identity Concerns in 365

Watch our webinar on common attacks and identity issues in Microsoft 365, as we show you the increasing need for better security measures. In this session, we will also show a demo of an MFA bypass attack. We aim to empower your business against evolving threats, securing a high-performance future.

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