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Client testimonial video: Sam Clar Office Furniture


Office Furniture Company Integrates IT and Stays in Business

For company president John Schwartz, the IT situation at Sam Clar Office Furniture prior to Endsight could be described in one short phrase, “An absolute nightmare.” They didn’t have a process for purchasing software or hardware, and thus were often stuck with technology that didn’t interact well, leading to a whole host of additional problems.

In 2011, John had enough. Their top choice was Endsight and have been using Endsight's IT management service since. Equipped with a better process for hardware and software purchasing, along with expert installations, John and his team have a healthier and more stable IT environment.

On Thanksgiving night 2015, disaster struck when Sam Clar’s office building started on fire destroying virtually everything inside. Our on-call staff was notified and an IT plan was created that night. Beginning early the next morning, our team got to work setting up their servers at our Berkeley office so they could seamlessly get back to business as usual as if nothing ever happened.

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