Technology Roadmap - A CFO and CIO Collaboration Opportunity

To achieve the organization's vision for the future, your CIO and CFO need to be on the same page regarding IT strategy, both in the long and short-term.

Easier said than done.

We are working with The 2GO Advisory Group to offer real-life examples and incredible representatives from each group. Endsight's Jason Clause will be hosting the webinar with Marc Loupe, a partner with CFOs2GO, and Michaele James, the Managing partner of CIOs2GO, to help guide us on this journey of collaboration.

Together they will be discussing the common issues and ways to move past them to improve this competitive partnership.



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Jason Clause

Sr. IT Executive @ Endsight

Jason has spent the last 18 years working in the managed IT services industry.  He has a bachelor’s degree in Public Relations from Kent State University and is a Microsoft Certified Professional. In his spare time Jason digs into the latest business technology trends, spends time with his family, and hosts a business technology podcast.  

Marc Loupe


Marc Loupe

Partner of CFOs2GO, a division of The 2GO Advisory Group

Marc Loupé leads the AgriTech, AgriBusiness, Winery and Cannabis Business Practice Group for CFOs2Go. With more than 25 years of comprehensive global financial and operational management experience, he helps companies with integration of innovative methods and technologies to ensure companies function effectively. He brings to clients the value of his experience in senior financial management roles in a broad spectrum of industries — including agriculture, technology, aviation, real estate and professional services. 



Michaele James

Managing Partner of CIOs2GO, a division of The 2GO Advisory Group

Michaele leads the CIOs2GO practice for the 2GO Advisory Group. CIOs2GO provides customized, reliable, innovative & cost-conscious technology consulting services and solutions for her clients. Michaele’s information technology leadership expertise spans multiple global industries including software, manufacturing, finance & retail.