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CCPA Readiness - What You Need to Know


The California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) has turned up many questions from both businesses and enforcers of the law. While the Attorney General has announced that they will not enforce the new law until July 1, 2020, businesses need to act fast to get ahead of potential fallout.   

Endsight has researched, attended live events, asked many questions, and has distilled the CCPA down into an easy to understand format, this webinar. We are now ready to share what we've learned with you.

What you will learn: 

  • Who is covered by the California Consumer Privacy Act
  • The critical components of the CCPA
  • How this will impact your business
  • The real risks you face for not being compliant
  • How to make sure you are not blindsided


Robert Gillette


Robert Gillette - Presenter

IT Executive @ Endsight

Robert Gillette helps people solve business problems relating to IT management. He enjoys presenting on business topics that help leaders think more strategically about the future. With a decade of experience in IT management ranging from technical support, to network management, to solution consulting, Robert has an uncanny ability to identify technical issues and a real-world perspective on solutions. Robert is at heart a family man. His three loves in life are family, family, and family. Robert is currently serving on the board for Ability Now Bay Area as well as advisory for other organizations.



Jason Cooper - Presenter

Client Strategy Director @ Endsight

Jason Cooper provides guidance to executives about how their businesses can leverage their technology to better execute their goals and keep their information secure. Unlike most of his peers in the tech industry, Jason is old school, viewing technology primarily as a tool to improve productivity in the workplace. Outside of work, you will rarely catch him using technology; as his preference is spending time with his family or working with his horses. As a former small business owner, filling the role of CIO and CTO, Jason has 10+ years’ experience developing cohesive processes throughout organization enabling consistent revenue growth and employee retention.